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At the Crossroads of Europe


Do you know the country that is situated in the center of Europe? Do you know the country in the centre of Europe, whose great history counted more than thousands of years? Do you know the country in the centre of Europe with century – old history and whose age is only 18 years old? Interesting? Let us present you the Republic of Belarus!

Belarus is a new state. Sovereign now after many years of being a part of powerful neighboring states. Geographically positioned in the center of Europe, between Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine, Belarus has at time been in union with or a part of nearly each- the medieval Kievan Rus state, the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, interwar Poland, and the Soviet Union.


As an independent and sovereign state, The Republic of Belarus came into existence at the end of 1991 after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Territory – 207, 6 thousand sq. km. The longest distance from the North to the South – 560 km, from the West to the East – 650 km. Population – 10, 3 million. The main nationalities: Belarusians – 78 per cent, Russians – 13 per cent, Poles – 4, 2 per cent, Ukrainians – 3 per cent, Jews – 1 per cent. Official languages: Belarusian, Russian.

Landscape is mostly flat. The highest point, Dziarzhynskaya Mountain, is only 345m above sea level. Great deal of crystal – clear lakes and ribbon-like rivers can be found in the republic as well. Forests cover 40 percent of the country’s surface.


Belarus has a continental climate. Average January temperature range from -4ºC to -8 ºC, but thaw days are frequent. In July the temperature is from +17 to +19C. Rainfall is moderate, with its maximum from June to August. Annual precipitation is 550-700 mm.

Belarus is known for its heavy – duty trucks and tractors. Its plants and factories manufacture computers, engineering equipment, metal-cutting tools and such consumer goods as bicycles, clocks and watches, motorcycles, refrigerators etc.

The country’s major crops include barley, flax, potatoes, rye and sugar beat. Farmers raise cattle and pigs.
The capital of the republic is Minsk with a population of about one million and a half. There are five major centers besides Minsk: Gomel, Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno and Mogilev. Belarus is one of the UN founder-members. Our Republic participates in different international organizations.

Our country has rich literature heritage left by Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich, Elaisa Tsiotka-Pashkevich, Maxim Bagdanovich, Maxim Garetsky, Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. We also can’t mention our world-famous enlighteners: Euphrosyne of Polatsk and Kirill Turovsky, printer and creator of the first printed Bible in the East-Slavonic region Frantsysk Skaryna, his followers Vasily Tyapinsky and Symon Budny, poets Nikolai Gussovsky and Simeon Polotsky. Their contribution is appreciated by all Belarusian people.

Priority areas in the cultural policies:
  • Protecting the nation’s historical heritage;
  • Supporting the unique character of the national culture;
  • Expanding cross-cultural links;
Travelling about Belarus you will enjoy the discovery of the country in every season of the year; this marvelous land is ready to award you with enchanting images in flowery spring and sunny summer, in golden autumn and snowy winter. We invite you to explore the country, and we wish you all best in search of new spots. And each spot, believe us, is distinctive, unique and attractive.

Once visited Belarus, you will look forward to seeing it again!