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Fishing in Belarus











The Belarus is the land, generously endowed by the nature with dense forests, bright rivers and lakes, and swamps impassable to men. The animal world of the region is unigue, too. Probably, one can hardly find such number of animals in other areas of the Europe. The local waters abound with fish. It is a true paradise for those who love hunting, fishing, and ecological tourist.

People have been debating for a long time on human negative effect on animal world. It is hunting and fishing witch is taken especially badly. Public sentiment of these ancient hobbies depends on a man`s culture, who holds a gun or a fishing rod in his hands. Hunters and fishers enter into specific relations with the nature, but if animal world is treated carefully and humanly, level of impact on the animal world is not essential.

Hunting and fishing are the primordial human occupations. They are not any more essential conditions for living, but hunting is still a universal means of strength, courage, legerity, endurance development in humans, while fishing helps to develop patience and headpiece.

Hunting and fishing are popular in the Belarus. Thousands of Belarusian and foreign hunters and fishers, amateurs of sport tourism prefer to spend their vacations in the Belarus each year.

The Belarus is famous for its game husbandries, which have all conditions for successful hunting and fishing. Experienced hunters and gamekeepers offer almost all types of hunting depending on a season. Fans of fishing can catch their goldfish here.

Ecological boating, cycling, snowmobile, jeep tours help in perceiving of the Belarus.

The list of terms for fishing in the Belarus
Catching all kinds of forbidden from April 1 to May 30, except sport fishery made one or one spinning, complete with an artificial bait, with one single, or double, or triple hook, which size is not more than No.10 according to the international classification No.1, in the daytime from a bank, as well as fishing of eels without observance of hunting limit in the areas and on conditions, stated annually by the Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection.
Besides prohibition for fishing within the abovementioned terms the following prohibitions, which can be
Established in different fishing area's:
Pike fishing from 1 to 31 of March;
Wells fishing from 1 to 31 of July;
Whitefish fishing from 1 to 15 of December;
Burbot fishing from 25 to 28 of February;
Crawfish fishing from October 15 to July 15;
Freshwater prawns fishing from April 1 to June 15;
Commercial fishery of all kinds of fish in wintering fish basins from October 1 to April 15
  • fully equipped conference hall (260 seats, four languages simultaneous interpretation system)
  • meeting hall (30 seats)
  • business center: telefax, photocopier, computers
  • room service: laundry, ironing, shoe repair, room delivery of mineral water, tea or coffee
  • 24-hour currency exchange office
  • luggage room
  • guarded parking lot
  • AVIS rent-a-car service
  • "Pierre Smirnoff" 24-hour shop (food, drinks, tobaccos)
  • casino, night disco
  • sauna
  • indoor tennis courts (3 indoor tennis playgrounds, coach services, dressing rooms with showers)
  • hair-dresser's and barber's saloon
  • souvenirs
  • newspapers and magazines
  • slot machine games
From the Regulations on safe hunting

It is necessary to observe the rules which are well-known to every hunter in order to avoid accidents while hunting. Main violations are made at gun handling and driving games. 
There following actions are not allowed while handling with gun:
Keep gunpowder together with capsules and cartridges, black powder with smokeless powder;
Use hunting weapons with technical failures;
Use cartridges if the length of their shells is 70mm for guns with cartridge chamber of 65mm, cartridges with shell primer pocket not pushed in with capsules;
Charge cartridges without special tools designed for charging (powder weigher, tool for capsule push back, screw, etc.), as well as close to open fire;
Smoke while using powder;
Use powder if its rate of application is unknown, as well as use smokeless powder of weapons of war;
Insert capsules in the shell socket with any hit (using hammer or other solid object);
Use patching of inflammable or smoldering materials (paper, hards, etc.);
Getting on and off vehicle with a loaded hunting weapons;
Pull out mounted hunting weapons with barrels from a bout, wagon, sledge or other vehicle;
Shoot after noise, rustle, at a target not distinctly seen, in fog, in heavy fall of snow, in the dusk, against the sun and in other conditions of low visibility, as well as a flying up under 2.5meters bird;
Shoot and keep weapons loaded in population centers, other aggregations and in the distance less than 300m from them, as well as in camps, in areas of meeting, in vehicles, in other places where hunting can bе dangerous;
Shot in the direction of people, population centres, other aggregations, farm animals, vehicles from smoothbore guns within 300meters and closer as well as from rifled hunting weapons at a distance of less than 1.5km from them;
Direct irrespective of whether it is loaded or not hunting weapons to men, domestic animals or places of their living (keeping);
If it is not reguired, take a shot, cock, keep hammerless weapons with open cartridge fuse;
Shoot from a boat through oarsmen or other hunters when they are in a boat;
Beat completely wounded hunted animal with a butt of a rifle.
The following actions are forbidden at driving games:
Hunting in the dusk, in fog, in heavy fall of snow and conditions of low visibility;
Go to the middle of a fire-break, a road or go to the opposite side of a cote;
Exchange numbers by hunters, choose places and get of a number independently before a drive hunting is finished, except for the case when a hunter is to render prompt assistance to other person who is in an accident;
Use self-loader with magazine capacity more than for 5 cartridges, as well as cartridges to rifled weapons with encased bullet and to smoothbore weapons with circular cartridge;
Shoot in animals from smoothbore weapons at a distance of more than 50m, from rifled weapons-more than 150meters, as well as along the shooting line, beyond their sector, after a signal of drive hunting finish («stop»).
We welcome for hunting and fishing to the Belarus!

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